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A balance transfer is the act of transferring debt from one credit card to another, assuming the newer card has better terms and rates.

Credit card balance transfer allows debtors to move the money they owe on their current credit cards to another. Effectively, a balance transfer allows you to consolidate credit card balances from other high interest rate credit cards to lower interest rate cards allowing you to save thousand of dollars in interest. First Global Bank has the lowest credit card interest rate in the Jamaican market.

For hassle-free financial management, First Global Bank now makes it easy, safe and convenient for you to transfer your balances from another bank's credit card to your FGB credit card. Start transferring your outstanding balance today and enjoy low interest rates.

Requirements for New Customers

  • Credit report from your present card issuer
  • Last 3 pay slip
  • Salary verification letter
  • Valid Photo ID
  • Verification of Address

*Conditions Apply

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First Global Bank Limited (FGB) is a commercial bank operating in Jamaica, originating in 1970 as The First National Bank of Chicago (Jamaica) Limited. That organization film izle later changed ownership and was renamed First Jamaica National Bank Limited. 
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