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First Global Bank of Jamaica

Global Kids / Global Teens

To benefit from the security of the FGB Online Service Guarantee, you need to do your part to help us... read more

Regular Savings

If you are seeking a relatively secure way to achieve your financial goals, look no further than First Global Bank's Statement Savings Account... read more

High Yield Options

Are you looking for high yield savings options? First Global Bank has the right one to suit your needs.... read more

Global Savers Club Savings Account

Join the FGB Global Savers Club with a minimum of only JA$2000 or US$ 100 and start saving towards your dream vacation, your education, or any other goal!  read more

Tax-free Deposit Account (TDA)

Are you looking for a long-term saving option that gives you the opportunity to enjoy tax-free returns?... read more

US Premier Savings

First Global Bank's US Premier Savings Account allows you to save in US dollars, minimizing the impact of both devaluation and inflation on your hard-earned money... read more

First Global Bank
First Global Bank Limited (FGB) is a commercial bank operating in Jamaica, originating in 1970 as The First National Bank of Chicago (Jamaica) Limited. That organization film izle later changed ownership and was renamed First Jamaica National Bank Limited. 
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