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March 02 Marketing 5
Grow Your Business by Paying Your Taxes

Let’s face it, taxes are essential. Often referred to as a social contract between the population and the economy, paying taxes ensures the provision of education, health, and other infrastructure and services that are necessary to allow our businesses to grow and to otherwise achieve the universal goal of a functional society.

Simply put- it is an instrument of nation-building and social solidarity.

However, despite its importance, many experience challenges with the actual process of paying taxes- long lines, can be time-consuming and in our current reality, places us at risk with in-person visits.

But while paying those taxes is not usually considered to be an enjoyable experience, it can be easier, safer and more efficient through online payments.

The Government of Jamaica has recognized this opportunity and provided an online option for tax payments at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm . This platform allows you to make payment for various tax types including:

  • Income Tax – Individual and Corporate
  • General Consumption Tax
  • Property Taxes
  • Asset Tax
  • Contractor’s Levy
  • Special Consumption Tax
  • Withholding Taxes (Interest, Specified Services, Miscellaneous)

These payments can be done online, 24 hours per day, without visiting the tax office.

This means, as businesses, we get to ease the pain of the process by paying our taxes online

All you’ll need to do so are:

  • A VISA or Mastercard Credit or Debit Card
  • Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
  • A smart device with internet access

Once you’ve checked all these items, follow these five easy steps to pay your taxes online:

  1. Click here to visit the Tax Administration of Jamaica Virtual Tax Office.
  2. Enter username and password, if you already have an account to make the payment. Otherwise, create a new login to make payments.
  3. On the eServices page under Pay Taxes and Fees, select the tax type you’d like to pay.
  4. Enter and confirm your tax details and then enter the details of your FGB Tax Credit Card.
  5. Once the payment is completed you may email or print the statement of payment for your records.

As a bank that recognizes the importance of taxes and convenience, among our suit of VISA issued credit and debit cards, is one specialized for Tax purposes.

This card not only helps to facilitate this easy online process but provides a safe and convenient way to pay all GCT, custom duties and corporate taxes while you earn cashback.

It’s literally like getting paid to pay your taxes!

Speaking of incentive, as the deadline for Tax Payments, March 15, 2021, quickly approaches, FGB is looking to assist as many businesses as possible with all their tax payments online using the FGB specialized Credit Card which can only be used at Government merchants.

Persons who apply for this specialized card before March 5, 2021 will pay absolutely NO ANNUAL FEE for their first year!

Other benefits of using this FGB Credit Card for Tax Purposes include:

  • Ability to Pre-pay from available funds
  • Cards can be used at all Government Entities
  • 24-hours Call Centre Services
  • 24-hour access to view and reconcile accounts online
  • Receive Alerts on all authorizations attempts

Click here to sign up for your FGB Credit Card for Tax Purposes, give us a call at 888-CALL-FGB (225-5342) or send us an email at GetPoweredbyFGB@gkco.com to learn more or get started with your Credit Card for Tax Purposes today.