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In today's world, credit affects almost everything we do. From buying a home, acquiring a car or getting a credit card, our credit history plays a huge role in our lives. This section will teach you the importance of managing your credit wisely, as it is one of the most important factors in achieving your future goals. It is, therefore, critical to keep your debt at a reasonable level, while making all of your debt re-payments on time, so as to manage your credit history wisely and efficiently.

Your ability to manage credit wisely will help you to:

  • Build wealth instead of paying off debt;
  • Get better loan terms;
  • Enjoy the freedom to do the things you want to do; and
  • Plan a successful financial future.

Avoid the burden of having too much debt. Here are a few steps that can help you manage you finances :

Step 1 - Track your spending

Stay on top of your monthly credit card expenses by keeping all of your credit card purchase receipts so that you can match them back to your statements to ensure accuracy. Do not hesitate to report any inconsistencies.

Step 2 - Have a budget and stick to it

If you accidentally go over budget in one area, don't panic. Instead, try to cut back in other areas so that you can still come out on target. Some good practices to follow are:

  • Avoiding the accumulation of monthly credit card payments that exceed 10% of your monthly net income;
  • Using cash advances for emergencies only;
  • Not using your credit card to buy things you really can't afford. Let your budget be your guide; and
  • Resist impulse buying.

Step 3 - Stay within your credit limit

  • If you have internet access to your credit card balance, track the charges made on your credit card online, before you even receive the bill in the mail.

Step 4 - Make payments on time and pay what you owe

  • Don't skip payments
  • If you cannot pay off the total amount, then try to pay off more than just the minimum monthly payment
  • Try to pay more than your minimum payment each month to help reduce the total interest charges you will pay
  • Set up automatic payments or standing orders so that you'll never miss a payment

Step 5 - Keep control of your finances

Here are few tips to get your finances under control.

  • Develop a payment plan, which should include whom and how much to pay each month
  • Limit your credit card use until your finances are under control
  • Just in case, do not hesitate to contact creditors and discuss payment schedules that you can afford. Creditors will want to work with you to find a payment solution.

Step 6 - Set up an Emergency Fund

What you do with the small amount you have left over at the end of each month will have an enormous impact on your finances. This is the only money, other than the amount you have set aside for your goal, that you can use to improve your financial situation in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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