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In addition to First Global Bank's unique banking products and services, we also offer an array of traditional banking solutions. The availability of each solution will vary, and they also attract fees and charges. Speak to your FGB representative for further details.

Global Pay

Do you currently earn interest on your chequing account? The FGB Individual Money Market Chequing Account gives you just that, by providing you with the flexibility that comes with a conventional chequing account. read more

Global Direct

Conducting US dollar transactions within Jamaica is now a reality with First Global Bank's Foreign Currency Chequing Account. Operating like your traditional chequing account it allows many useful and rewarding features. read more

Foreign Exchange Trading

As a large foreign exchange trader in Jamaica, FGB makes access to foreign exchange easy. You may purchase or sell any of the following currencies with us: US dollars; Pound Sterling; Canadian dollars; or Euros. read more

Letters of Credit

FGB's letter of credit guarantees payment of your suppliers, on your behalf, helping to give you and your suppliers, the confidence needed to build solid and lasting business relationships. When your business needs require the written commitment that can only be provided by a letter of credit, we can help. read more

Letters of Undertaking

Debt Management is now easier for you with this FGB facility which assures your creditors that they will be paid on time. read more

Wire Transfers

International transfers to correspondent banks are easily made through FGB's fast and efficient wire transfer service. read more

Drafts & Managers Cheques

Realize the convenience, safety and security of using the readily accepted draft or manager's cheque. First Global Bank offers both of these facilities at a nominal cost to you. read more

Traveller's Cheques

Looking for a convenient and safe way to shop while you travel? FGB's traveller's cheques give you the freedom to spend without the risk of traveling with cash. read more

Certification of Balances

We provide the necessary documentation of your account(s) status whenever you need it. read more

Safe Keeping

Do you want to keep your parcels and articles of value safe for a particular period of time? First Global Bank understands and offers safekeeping that will give you piece of mind. read more

Night Depository

Do not worry about missing the opportunity to deposit your company's cash or cheques before the close of banking hours ever again. FGB now provides you with a convenient night depository facility. read more

Standing Orders

Eliminate ever having to remember one more regular payment that you need to make. Once you set up a convenient standing order with FGB, we will ensure that your payments are made to your designated recipient on time. read more

First Global Bank
First Global Bank Limited (FGB) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GraceKennedy. The bank started in 1970 as The First National Bank of Chicago (Jamaica) Limited and was in 2002. FGB operates one of Jamaica’s best online and mobile banking platforms called Global Access, 8 main branches located in the urban areas of New Kingston, Downtown, Manor Park, Liguanea, Portmore, Mandeville, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, and is expanding its reach into smaller communities island-wide with mini-branches and banking agents called First Global MoneyLink. 
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