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Card Use


Your FGB VISA debit card is accepted at all ATMs that display the VISA logo

Point of Sale (POS) 

For local POS transactions the merchants will treat the card as CREDIT so you will not be required to select saving or checking, as such you are encouraged to maintain funds in your preselected default account to facilitate purchases.

Please note you may be asked to sign the sale slip. This however does not represent a credit transaction and the transaction will only be approved if you have sufficient funds available.

For international transactions some merchant terminals will require you to enter your pin while others will require that you sign the transaction receipt. Either method is acceptable and is dependent on the type of terminal being used by the merchant.

For some merchants the card may be swiped or inserted (Dipped) into the terminal. Either method is acceptable and is dependent on the type of terminal being used by the merchant.


Your VISA Debit Card can be used for your online purchases with merchants who accept internationally issued cards and have the VISA sign displayed. For these transactions your Cardholder Verification Value (CVV) at the back of the card may be required.

Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO)

For these card absent transactions, knowing your card number and CVV are important. This is yet another way that you can use your FGB VISA Debit Card for you daily purchases. 

Activating Your Card

  • Please note, you must activate your card before first use. There are two options available for activation:

  • Visit the nearest FGB branch and speak with a Customer Service Representative
  • Visit our website at www.firstglobal-bank  and log in to Global Access
    • In Global Access, select the Customer Services tab
    • Select Activate Debit Card from the menus to the left
    • On the Activate Debit Card page, all fields are mandatory as indicated by the asterisks.
      • Select the account that the card is linked with
      • Select the debit card number found on the front of your FGB VISA Debit from the drop down list. That number will start with 463467XXXXXXXXX
      • Enter a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) of your choice.
      • Re-Enter the PIN for the card
      • Enter the CVV (3 digit number at the back of the card)
    • Click the “Activate Card” button. Once submitted, the verification page will appear
    • Click the “Confirm” button to authorise the reques

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