Boost business performance with FGB POS!

Securely and efficiently accept debit and credit card payments with our countertop machines from the safety of your reception area. 

Ideal for Merchants:

  • With a fixed location
  • With a Brick and Mortar Store
  • Looking to process quick and easy transactions

With FGB POS, merchants can:

  • Ensure quick, safe and user-friendly transactions
  • Accept Visa and MasterCard transactions
  • Prevent long lines and avoid a slow, laborious shopping experience
  • Enjoy a cost effective solution
  • Process multiple ranges of payment options including Contactless, Swipe and Chip cards, for added convenience
Overview Image
Overview Image

How it works

Accepting a payment using your FGB POS machine is easy.  Here’s how:

  • 1. Once the machine is on, Select SALE
  • 2. Select the CURRENCY in which the transaction should be processed-LOC (local currency) or USD
  • 3. Enter the transaction AMOUNT and press ENTER to continue
  • 4. Verify the transaction details and select ENTER to confirm
  • 5. Swipe, Insert or Tap, based on the card type presented
  • 6. If the transaction is approved, a copy of the merchant receipt will be printed. Select yes or no to print a receipt for the customer.