FGB eCommerce solution creates the ideal opportunity for your business to trade goods and/or services within a borderless marketplace via the internet.

FGB eCommerce Solutions are ideal for business operators, who:

  • Are looking to grow their customer base
  • Want to accept payments anywhere and anytime, including from the comfort of their own homes
  • Are web oriented or would like to become web oriented
  • Have large online presence and want to seamlessly process large volumes of transactions daily
Overview Image
Overview Image

What options are available?

FGB currently offers two options under its eCommerce solutions - Hosted and Application Programming Interface (API).

The Hosted ecommerce solution allows your business to receive payments online by enabling merchants with an existing website [in line with PCI requirements] to have their customers redirected to the payment portal, guide them through the transaction process and then be redirected to the merchant site when the transaction is completed. 

Application Programming Interface [API] is the ecommerce solution that allows merchants with a large online presence to seamlessly process large volumes of transactions daily.  This solution is fully integrated into the merchant’s site, removing the need for customers to be redirected to a portal for payment processing.

Grow your customer base

Let FGB’s eCommerce solutions grow your customer base and efficiencies with a suite of value-added features, including:

  • Clientline – Is a reporting tool that allows merchants to access transaction histories.

  • End of Day Settlement that is completed automatically, remitting funds to your business account by next business day.

  • 3D Secure is applied on all transactions.

  • Recurring Payments.

  • Configure unique Fraud Settings.

  • Virtual Terminal Access - an administrative feature, allowing you to:
  • Run reports
  • Create users,
  • Void transactions
  • Generate payment links
  • Transaction Alerts
  • Customize your eCommerce user interface
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