Frequently asked questions

FGB terminals accept Credit and Debit Cards branded Visa and MasterCard. Contactless payments are also accepted through Visa and MasterCard mobile payment applications.

MultiLink payments are not supported by FGB terminals.

Yes. We accept local and international cards that are co-branded. Once there is a Visa or MasterCard logo, we accept it.

We are making payments quicker!  Our innovative system is able to identify a card as debit or credit. This saves time, because you no longer need to ask the customer or make that selection.     

In many cases our terminals will ask for authorization by Signature.  This applies to credit cards and debit cards alike and comes at no cost to the customer. Some credit cards may ask for a PIN.

A cashier can verify a customer’s signature by comparing it to the signature on his/her ID.

While some customers will be required to enter a PIN, others will be prompted to digitally sign their signatures on the screen of your smart device to complete the transaction.

Payments are automatically processed overnight and are made directly to your FGB account.

Yes. Merchants can access monthly Statements and a range of analytics on all terminals and locations using our online reporting tool. Contact our Merchant Support team at to find out how.

Electronic commerce / Internet commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services via the internet. It is also the exchange of money and data to complete these transactions.

FGB Merchant Solutions leverages a secure and robust platform for your business to trade goods and/or services within a borderless marketplace via the internet, ultimately expanding your customer base and growing your business! 

  • FGB eCommerce Solutions gives your business secure and expanded reach to a truly global marketplace ultimately increasing your customer base and incoming potential.
  • Merchants benefit from 24/7 access to their business
  • Fast processing of transactions, that are paid direct to your bank account
  • FGB’s Auto settlement feature
  • Access real-time reports that afford full visibility of your account via Clientline

ClientLine is the easy-to-use, internet-based tool from FGB Merchant Solutions, that will provide valuable insight into your business and customer behaviours.  ClientLine facilitates robust reporting, that will prove invaluable to managing your eCommerce business.

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