Accept payments on the go with FGB Mobile POS!

This solution allows merchants to easily process card payments anywhere by turning their smart device into a dynamic and user-friendly cash register.

Ideal for:

  • Merchants who are on the go
  • Medium and large businesses with a mobile sales force
  • Small and micro merchants who were previously unable to accept cards
  • Courier Services

With FGB mPOS, merchants will:

  • Increase sale opportunities- never missing a sale
  • Accept card payments anywhere
  • Offer an enhanced customer experience with quick checkout
Overview Image
Overview Image

How it works

Start accepting payments on the go with FGB mPOS within minutes!

  • 1. Get the App. Download the QuickSale App on your smart device. The App is available on Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.
  • 2. Power On. Start up the terminal by pushing the power button or plugging it into a USB power source. Your terminal will now enter one of the following modes: Ready to Pair or Ready to Connect.
  • 3. Pair/Connect. Using Bluetooth, pair the terminal with your smart device.
  • 4. Enter transaction amount
  • 5. Enter Pin or Tap, based on the card type presented
  • 6. Sign electronic signature on mobile device
  • 7. Enter email address to receive electronic receipt