First Time Login Steps

First Global Bank Banking Award
First Global Bank Banking Award
First Global Bank Banking Award
Services Personal Banking Business Banking
Open New Account
Username/ Password Reset
Moblie Login
Entrust Auhentication
Entrust Trusted Device
Account Details
Manage Payees
Manage Billers
Transfer Money History
Own Account Transfer
Internal Transfer
One Time Payment - Internal
Bill Payments
One Time Bill Payment
Standing Instrunctions
Third Personn Credit Card Payment
Credit Card Block / Unblock
Credit Card PIN Reset
Term Deposits Redemption
Term Deposits Creation
Loan Statement / Activity
Loan Disbursement Inquiry
Loan Schedule Inquiry
Debit Card Block / Unblock
Debit Card Reset PIN
Bulk File Upload
  1. Login with fingerprint or facial recognition
  2. Open a new savings or term deposit account
  3. Block/Unlock Credit Card
  4. Password Reset
  5. Expense Management
  6. Upgraded android and iOS mobile app

A: To log into the new system, please enter your current credentials (username and password) after which you will be guided to create a new password. You will also be required to accept terms and conditions and set five security questions as an added layer of safety.

A: When conducting transactions on Global Access Plus on a ‘trusted device,’ it allows you to bypass your token response for login and transactions up to JMD $150,000. Please ensure that the device is secured. Do not use on a public device.

A:A token response will be required if the device on which the transaction is being done is not set as a Trusted Device.

Transaction Trusted Device Not Trusted Device
Login No token No token
Own Credit Card (no limit) No token No token
Own Account Transfer (no limit) No token No token
Transfer/Draft/Bill Payment to existing beneficiary No token within limit (150,000) No token
Create/Modify beneficiary Token Token
Ad Hoc Transfer/Draft/Bill Payment Token Token
Other persons credit card< Token Token

A: Yes, you may block/unblock your debit card using the debit card block/unblock feature.

A: Yes, all your saved beneficiaries will be moved when you migrate to Global Access Plus.

A: Yes, you will be required to delete your existing app and download the new online banking App, Global Access Plus.

A: You can now reset your password from the Global Access Plus system once you have set up your security questions.

A: If you forget the answers to your security questions, you’ll be required to contact Customer Care at 888-CALL-FGB (225-5342) to have your password reset. Once this is done, you will be able to reset your security questions.

A: Yes, Global Access Plus facilitates the scheduling of future transactions, except credit card payments and also allows you to set repeat transactions where necessary.

A: Yes, once your KYC information is up to date you can create an additional Savings Account or a Term Deposit.

A: Personal banking customers may change their dashboard using the personalize dashboard feature. This feature is only accessible using the web interface.

First Time Login

Adding a Beneficiary

Resetting Password

Opening A New Account

Credit Card Payment

Creating Standing Order

One Time Payment

International Wire Transfer - Business Banking

One Time Transfer - Business Banking

Transaction Query - Business Banking

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